Ayke van Laëthem

Flashing the HM-10 firmware on a JDY-08

Use CCLoader to flash the official HM-10 firmware on a cheap Chinese JDY-08 device. Unfortunately, the process doesn't result in a working device, but at least I got somewhere.

Using the JDY-08 module

A look at the JDY-08, a cheap BLE module found on the online Chinese markets. It works, but it turns out that it isn't really useful with the original firmware.

Concise version vectors

Concise version vectors is the algorithm behind DTSync. It is a distributed algorithm with low memory complexity, with barely any overhead of adding another replica.

DTSync: bidirectional directory synchronisation between any number of replicas

A new bidirectional synchronization tool like Unison that can synchronize many distributed replicas

Putting a Raspberry Pi 1 SD card into a Pi 3

How to move an installed SD card from a Pi 1 to a Pi 3, or make it possible to use them both. There are a few tricks to get the network running on both devices.

Installing Debian on a Btrfs subvolume

How to install Debian on a Btrfs subvolume to easily make system snapshots.

Safely Embedding JSON in JavaScript

How do you embed JSON in JavaScript? The naive approach turns out to have a XSS and DoS vulnerability, but this is easily fixed with a simple filter.

Setting up HTTPS on nginx from start to finish

Turn a plain HTTP web site served with nginx into one with HTTPS and SPDY support. Includes StartSSL, Postfix and OCSP stapling.

South: stateless authenticated sessions for HTTP in Go

I have written a Go package for stateless authentication using HMAC. I believe this system is in practice just as secure as session IDs without having to store state on the server, making authentication a whole lot easier.

NearlyFreeSpeech.NET: the perfect small webhost

NearlyFreeSpeech.NET is a small webhost with a 'pay what you use' system, which makes it perfect for small and/or experimental websites.