Ayke van Laëthem

Debug AVR programs using simavr and avr-gdb

Quick note to get started with debugging AVR programs in a simulator

What RGB and sRGB mean

What RGB really means, what sRGB and gamma are and how to correctly blend colors.

DMA on the SAMD21

How to configure DMA on the SAMD21, for example to use it with SPI.

How the TinyGo playground simulates hardware

The TinyGo playground simulates real hardware, including an e-paper display. How can it do such things? This post explains a bit about how the playground works to make this possible.

LLVM from a Go perspective

A high-level overview of LLVM IR, showing how two simple Go functions can be translated to IR.

Goroutines in TinyGo

TinyGo uses LLVM coroutines to implement goroutines. This post explains what coroutines are and how they're used to implement goroutines.

Interfaces in TinyGo

How TinyGo implements Go interfaces in a radically different way, avoiding most memory allocations and reducing code size.

Defer is complicated

The defer keyword in Go does much more than you might think, leading to performance issues in some cases. Why is this?

Code size optimization for microcontrollers

How to optimize code size for microcontrollers, including compiler options and lots of coding habits that produce smaller and often more efficient code.

Internals of the MBR in Nordic SoftDevices

Nordic BLE chips contain a proprietary SoftDevice implementing the BLE stack. In this post, I will explain how the MBR region works and how to write your own.